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ERV Travel Insurance What is covered? Cancellation Important Conditions How to make a claim?

Choosing your insurance policy is an extremely important part of planning your holiday. We strongly advise all passengers to take out insurance to cover costs that arise from unexpected events such as an injury, or stolen belongings. We have teamed up with ERV to offer a Winter Sports policy for Sunweb Customers.


ERV UK is the UK branch of Europäische Reiseversicherung A.G. Munich an ERGO Group company ( ERV have appointed Emergency Medical Assistance providers who undergo rigorous testing and acceptance criteria to ensure their levels of service are not only met but exceeded. It can be a daunting experience if you are taken ill overseas. Should the unthinkable happen then you can be assured that their operators all speak English. Their personnel are all skilled, trained and are there to provide you with peace of mind.

Below are a few of the benefits of taking a policy with ERV.

PLEASE NOTE – this is a brief summary of the insurance policy ERV offers and for full details you should refer to

What is covered?

Missed departure:
This covers you for necessary hotel and travelling expenses incurred in reaching your booked destination. This is aimed at protecting you against unforeseeable traffic conditions, delayed public transport, or breakdowns and accidents.

Travel delay:
This covers you for both the added cost of having unavoidable delays as well as reclaiming costs should you decide to cancel your holiday due to these delays.

Personal Accident:
This section will cover you for serious accidents. These are judged 12 months after the date of the accident, and is aimed at providing cover for death, loss of limb, permanent disability and permanent loss of sight.

Medical Emergency Expenses:
The cover will include costs for medical and surgical treatment, additional travel expenses, for you and an immediate relative or friend. Also in the case of death this section provides cover for conveyance of the body or ashes to the UK or local funeral expenses.

Medical Inconvenience Benefit:
This covers you for additional expenses while being submitted to a registered hospital abroad.

Personal Property:
You are covered for up to £1,500 for the value of your own personal baggage which is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. Up to £500 for lost money, also up to £100 for the cost of replacing required necessities if your own baggage is delayed.

Loss of passport or driving licence expenses:
Up to £250 for reasonable additional travel or accommodation expenses you incur abroad in obtaining a new passport/driving licence if lost or stolen.

Personal Public liability:
This will cover you up to a maximum of £1,000,000 for your legal expenses and legal liability for damages which were caused by an accident that happened during the trip, leading to a claim being made against you.

Winter Sports:
This section offers cover specifically aimed at costs that you may incur or wish to claim back during a winter sports holiday. These include:
-Ski equipment
-Ski hire
-Ski pack (lift passes)
-Piste closure
-Avalanche closure


You are covered up to the amount purchased if your travel and accommodation arrangements are cancelled before your departure from the United Kingdom, providing the cancellation is necessary and unavoidable.
Necessary and unavoidable reasons for cancellation include the death or disablement by bodily injury, illness, pregnancy or being subject to quarantine of you, any person you are intending to travel or stay with, an immediate relative of yours or of any person you are intending to travel with or a close business associate of yours.
There are further suitable reasons for cancellation and exclusions you can find in the full terms of the policy.

Important Conditions

Pre-existing Medical Conditions: this policy will not cover any claim relating directly or indirectly to a pre-existing medical condition. This is defined as any past, current or recurring serious medical condition which has been diagnosed, investigated or treated at any time prior to travel, even if this condition is considered to be stable and under control.

There are a number of important conditions that you must be aware of before making a claim. Some of the main conditions include:
* You must take all reasonable steps to recover any lost or stolen articles.
* You must obtain any medical certificates, information, evidence and receipts required in order to make a successful claim.
* If at the time of making a claim there is any other policy covering the same risk we are entitled to contact that insurer for a contribution.

Please note that this is a summary of some of the conditions, and for full details you should refer to

What to do in order to make a claim

First thing you need to do is download a claims form. This form can also be downloaded from Your policy number will be the same as your booking number.

Complete the form, sign it and send it to ERV. It is important to ensure all the information is factual and accurate before sending off the form. You should also give as much detail as possible to help ERV handle your claim.

You should ensure you attach all original receipts, guarantees, statements and any other proof you have.

You can also contact ERV:
Assistance Helpline: +44 (0) 1444 476 000
ERV Claims Service Tel: +44 (0) 1403 788 515
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