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Manner of reporting

If you have complaints about the journey or if you are not satisfied with your accommodation then you should report this immediately at the reception of your accommodation and to the representative of Sunweb on location. If nobody is available or if you think the complaint has not been dealt with appropriately then you should contact our office in London from your holiday destination straight away by telephone (02031 708 206) or email ( Our contact details are also printed on your travel documents.

This procedure is absolutely necessary because once you have made your complaint, Sunweb can offer their help and try to resolve the issue straight away. Afterwards, when you have arrived back home, it is no longer possible to solve any problems. Complaints that have not been reported at the destination and that have not been filed on a complaint form will not be dealt with in the UK.

If your complaint has not been dealt with to your satisfaction then it is necessary to fill in a complaint form so that you can issue your complaint back home. You can report your complaint via e-mail at the latest within one month after the holiday's end. You can address your correspondence to:

Sunweb Holidays

Attention: Customer Service


A reservation

A holiday abroad means different people, a different culture, different food etc. This is one of the appealing aspects of such a holiday, but also an aspect to be taken into account with regard to your holiday expectations.
  • If you choose a basic accommodation then you should not expect the comfort and facilities of a luxurious four or five star hotel.
  • You should take into account possible construction activities at the destination.
  • Take into account that there are limited opening times for shops, ski lifts and entertainment options and an even more limited number of facilities to use outside of peak season.
  • Water and electricity supply in Southern European and African countries are sometimes of a lower standard than what we are used to back home.
  • The voltage is sometimes lower and short electricity black outs can occur.
  • The heating is often provided through solar panels. You might also only have access to a small boiler.
  • In some bathrooms there might not be a shower curtain and/or a stand to hang up the shower head.
  • You might encounter vermin such as cockroaches and ants at your destination. This is usually not caused by lack of hygiene but by the climatological context. Therefore you should cover food properly and ideally you should store everything in a refrigerator. You can buy pesticides on location, but you should also always notify the hostess and/or the reception of your accommodation so that they can help you get rid of the unwanted visitors.

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